I'm a very enthusiastic person, father of 2 boys who make me very proud.

I'm passionate about origami and have been folding for over 25 years and teaching how to fold for about 20 years now.

I like all aspects and types of origami, from traditional, architectural to modular, but my true passion is in folding beautiful origami flowers.

Origami flowers are often given as gift to celebrate an anniversary and thus carry very strong memories and emotions. Therefore my focus is on folding premium origami flowers including their leafage in the best possible way to make them worthy of the task they are given as memory keepers.

I hope you'll appreciate my origami flowers as much as I enjoyed folding them.

If you have any questions or special requests, do not hesitate to contact me ^_^.

Origami Delight

Origami Delight is specialized in folding origami wedding flowers and bouquet, as well as miniature deluxe origami flowers with a technicality level that makes our flowers stand out compare to what you may have seen before.

All our items come with free shipping worldwide, and our deluxe origami flowers packed with a vase in a handmade gift box for your convenience to make it a full gift experience.

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